“Presenting the party”: Serious party advice, at last–decor edition #1

  1. IMG_2873
  2. Build up a  wardrobe of tablecloths.
  3. A patio party offers adventure.
  4. A couple of men who have been nodding on the train for years suddenly find mutual interest in stamp collecting or skin diving.
  5. Unsheathe your big serving pieces.
  6. Solicit advice on what you should do about the Zinnia bed or the curtains in the childrens’ room.
  7. If you have a recorded symphony or opera, save it.
  8. Pin the tail on the donkey can be riotously funny.
  9. Of course every party is not for everybody.
  10. For carrying to a picnic, well-chilled pineapples can be wrapped in newspaper and packed in a cardboard box.
  11. You’ll probably want to have new cakes of soap.IMG_2874

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