Ode to Foods Men Like

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A (mostly) found Sonnet.


An Olive cheese ball,

Lobster dip elegante–

Hot cheese dip with fruit.

Tidbits to tempt you-

Chicken cheese puff, hot ham buns-

French fried Camembert.

Keyed to a man’s taste,

Rates high with men.


It’s hard to beat cold cuts.

Remember, when cheese is melted, it’s cooked.

Versatile tuna is the star.

Our star here is fish.

What, really, IS a star, anyway?




Four Haiku

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Glamorous gourmet foods

Flaming walnut pate balls

Salmon Fondue



Fake French

a la blah-blah

Hey, is that corn salad in grapefruit cups?


Snappy western ham steaks

Sweet and wild relish

And smarty wonderchokes


Party apple creme

Orange nugget roast turkey

Coffee peach frappe