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For years, I have been poring through old books, cookbooks mostly, examining the strange advice and gory aesthetic of our last century. I am looking for something, but I am not entirely sure what. An answer, perhaps, to the all-consuming question: HOW DID WE GET HERE?!?! We being humanity, we being America, we being the housewife.

How did our culture morph into this state of hyper-consumerism? How did we start measuring how much GD pepper we add to stew? How did we hand over our power to “experts”?  And how did we decide that performing 20 little arm circles each night would help us to catch a man?

The answers are here, my dears. In the form of unintended poetry. In the form of  nuggets of philosophy. In the form of accidental art. And we are going to share our observations with you.

This is a family project. All 5 of us will be contributing, but the editors are the fabulous mother-daughter team of Traci and Iris Picard. Consider it a summer homeschool project. Consider it always be learning, always be observing. Consider it an odd, burdensome gift from a Mother to her children–the gift of asking WHAT THE HECK IS THIS PILE OF GARISH BOOKS AND WHAT CAN WE MAKE WITH THEM?

Photos and text will come from my collection of books from the 1900s, mainly 1940-1975. Commentary is ours.

This is intended to be an art project and we make NO claims of anything else.

We will be accepting your comments and submissions at fancyfast@gmail.com

Thank you!

Traci and Iris Picard

Traci and Iris Picard