How to Have a Party #2: Food

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A great ladies’ favorite for luncheon,

Spoon over sticky-firm layer in mold–

What a luxury!

This Golden Prize literally pops right out of its baker.

Meringue, like splendor!

For a party touch.

It’s a spoon-up twist.

It’s a one-dish hearty.

It’s special enough FOR A PARTY!

Its flavor will delight meat-and-potatoes men.

What an inviting show-off….

Try it soon.


Ode to Foods Men Like

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A (mostly) found Sonnet.


An Olive cheese ball,

Lobster dip elegante–

Hot cheese dip with fruit.

Tidbits to tempt you-

Chicken cheese puff, hot ham buns-

French fried Camembert.

Keyed to a man’s taste,

Rates high with men.


It’s hard to beat cold cuts.

Remember, when cheese is melted, it’s cooked.

Versatile tuna is the star.

Our star here is fish.

What, really, IS a star, anyway?



The Eternal Question



That eternal question homemakers face–

Big slices of zesty rye.

Peppy extras,

creamed dishes over chips.

Conversation-making soup,

fluffy dumplings,

Salmon party ball.

Cranberry sauce is hidden inside.

Halibut on pumpernickel.

Sour cream-topped clam pie.

Present the handsome torte intact!

It’s a special way of saying “I like you.”

What’s for dinner?