Four Haiku

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Glamorous gourmet foods

Flaming walnut pate balls

Salmon Fondue



Fake French

a la blah-blah

Hey, is that corn salad in grapefruit cups?


Snappy western ham steaks

Sweet and wild relish

And smarty wonderchokes


Party apple creme

Orange nugget roast turkey

Coffee peach frappe


Horrifying “sandwiches”: the quotes #1

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“Teenagers and teenagers go for Barbecue Bunburgers and Rivieras!”

“Quick contents: barbecue filling from a can, cheese from a package!”

“Deep-sea stacks: as simple as layering tuna salad between crisp cucumbers on bread spread with curry butter!”

“Simple Salmon jumbos are super sandwich skyscrapers!”

“A surprise ingredient: instant powdered cream!”

“Men will love these huskies of meat, sauerkraut and cheese!”

“This sandwich has everything: rye bread, tongue, caraway, blue cheese, sardines, eggs and beets!”