More is not always better.

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How to Have a Party.

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With the Holiday Season upon us, many of us need party advice. So much to think about! Themes! Games! Food!

Whatever shall we do?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. “Avoid Sundays, if possible. Sundays attract relatives.”
  2. Great themes for a kids’ party:

Columbus Day- Celebrate colonialism, together!

Creatures of the Sea-Hey, kids, who wants to see my Snaggletooth? Or a Sarcastic Fringehead?

“Oriental”-It’s based on the entire East half of the whole world!

Cowboy and Indian-Guns! guns! guuuuns!

Hobo-Generally what they call all parties based on hot dogs.

Winter Sports-Yes, I’ll take 20 kids who aren’t mine onto an icy surface and hope no litigation follows.

Mothers and Dolls-Just yuck.

Backwards Party-It’s just, like, really low-budget so leave me alone.

3. And games, who likes games?

Pin the Cow in the bed- Requires A LOT of adult supervision.

Pig Race-This is for people with a really, really big yard.

Cotton Ball Toss-And this is for people with a LOT of time to fill.

Beans aplenty!-So, you just have a lot of beans. That’s the game.

Feel it!-There is so much potential for this to get weird.

Crazy auction-It’s crazy!

“Creative” activity-Thanks, Madge. I’ll make a note of that.

Rotative games-For miniature accountants.

Advertising Slogans hunt-Corporations own you, kids.

Burglary-Combine your kid’s party with a little money-makin’ side job!



Ode to Foods Men Like

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A (mostly) found Sonnet.


An Olive cheese ball,

Lobster dip elegante–

Hot cheese dip with fruit.

Tidbits to tempt you-

Chicken cheese puff, hot ham buns-

French fried Camembert.

Keyed to a man’s taste,

Rates high with men.


It’s hard to beat cold cuts.

Remember, when cheese is melted, it’s cooked.

Versatile tuna is the star.

Our star here is fish.

What, really, IS a star, anyway?